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Puerto de Soller

We believe in what we do. The secret that after 90 years we continue to surprise our customers is the love for our land. Our desire to transmit our philosophy of life, our heritage.

Like sharing our delicious local gastronomy, our wonderful landscapes, our art and our culture. 

Many return year after year to feel the magic of our home, a magic that comes and renews the soul.

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A sustainable Hotel Marina

1.Electricity consumption

In 2019 we managed to reduce the electricity consumption of our hotel up to 3% more than the previous year, and 6% more than in 2017. This reduction in consumption is the result of the introduction of LED lamps and the installation of frequency inverters in our high-power motors. In addition, our energy supplier is 100% renewable. Encouraging our clients, suppliers and workers to support a more sustainable tourism, we also have two charging points for electric vehicles.

2. Water consumption

Since water is a scarce resource on the island, it has been a very important action to invest in savings in its consumption and in its efficiency in its use.

Thanks to these investments, we managed to reduce our water consumption from 14,000 m³ in 2017 to 11,000 m³ in 2019.

3. Solar panels

In 1985, we bet on our first solar panel installation. Since then, we continue to invest in its improvement every year.

Currently, the hotel has 41 solar panels that provide energy to our DHW installation. And of this installation it can come to suppose between 80% and 50% depending on the season of the year.

4. Recycling

In 2019 we managed to recycle:

• Glass: 16.21 tons.

• Light containers: 13.23 tons.

• Cardboard: 13.62 tons.

Thus exceeding the 2018 figures.

At the same time, green recycling points have been installed in our facilities, both for our workers and for our customers. We have also made the transition from paper to online mode thanks to the improvement of internal processes.

5. Disposal of single use plastics

We have managed to eliminate single-use plastics taking into account the needs of both our customers and our workers with these actions:

• Installation of dispensers for soap, creams ... thus replacing the classic individual containers, in all our facilities.

• Replacement of plastic cups with custom reusable cups.

• Installation of water fountains for drinking water consumption.

• Elimination of plastic water bottles and reduction of glass ones by personalized reusable bottles.

• Installation of dispensers for refillable cleaning product containers.

6. KM.0 Products

Since our hotel is located in the Sóller Valley, known worldwide as "Valley of the Orange Trees" for its orange and lemon trees, we bet from the first moment on the consumption of Km 0 products. So, we are very lucky to have managed a magnificent orchard with around 600 trees of all kinds, for 75 years. From which come the oranges with which we make the delicious orange juice every morning and the lemons that give flavor to our rich dishes.

We are also proud to work alongside local producers and suppliers, both with fresh products and with services. We collaborate with the centenarian agricultural cooperative of Soller, the ice cream factory Fet a Soller, the Estel Nou association and many more.

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