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Safety protocols

Preventive maintenance in continuous evolution

Being a family hotel with more than 90 years of experience, we have always cared about the health and general well-being of all guests and workers of the hotel. For this reason, now more than ever, we want to continue taking care of you all.

We are working with preventive maintenance to ensure the security and health safety of guests, workers and suppliers. This means you can feel as safe at the hotel Marina as at home, when you visit us again.

Arrival & Check-in

· All electronic keys are disinfected and stored 24 hours after use.

· We have an updated information of the health and safety protocols at reception, and other spaces of public use by the guests and at our website.

· We are implementing new techniques to try to speed up check-in for our clients, increase the security of the guests and ensure distance between them through an online check-in, and using alternative spaces rather than reception depending on number of guests arriving at each time.

· We space out client arrivals and departures through better coordination depending on the updated information given by the guests on daily basis.

· Adapted new spaces for “personalised customer service” depending on daily needs.


· The rooms are cleaned daily unless the client does not require it.

· All rooms are ventilated for some hours after the check-out of each client (a minimum of 5 hours and when possible, 24 hours).

· Surfaces that are considered most used are disinfected more frequently such as door handles in the room, closet doors and balcony doors.

· Unnecessary and non-essential items have been removed.

· On request you have other items at reception: Spa towels, beach towels, iron, etc…

Public spaces

· Regulations to mitigate risks Covid 19; displayed in a graphic way and exposed in all the common spaces.

· All public spaces are cleaned up several times a day depending on the use of these spaces. Minimum 3 times a day.

· Hydroalcoholic gel at all entrances to the hotel, restaurant, bar, pool, spa, etc ...

· Meeting rooms require previous reservation, meetings are also adapted in open air spaces (the hotel has more than 1400 m²) adapting to the client's requirements and ensuring safety and hygiene protocols to it.

· Reinforcement of cleaning and distance maintenance measures.

Restaurant & Bar

· Safety distance respected on terraces and inside the establishment according to regulations.

· Food service is adapted depending on number of guests and protocols issued by the Balearic Health Insitute. Food and drinks can be served individually at the table or you can be assisted by our crew at the Buffet.

· Tables and chairs are disinfected after each use.

· Dishes and cutlery is cleaned in a dishwasher at high temperatures for greater disinfection, according to regulations.

· Restaurant services are pre-reserved for greater coordination and implementation of the protocols of health and safety (dining turn management).

Pools, Spa & Gym

· Inspection, cleaning and execution of the protocol established by the regulations of the health authorities.

· Cleaning & disinfection is increased according to the use (frequent touched areas).

· The pool loungers are disinfected daily, and it increases according to their use.

Staff & Training

· All of our staff have gone through various training courses regarding COVID-19.

· The staff always maintains a safe distance from the client, appropriate to current regulations.

· The staff puts on the uniform once they arrive at the establishment.

· It is mandatory for the staff to wash their hands very frequently, use a mask and maintain a safety distance according to current regulations.

· Body temperature is checked before entering.

· The hotel has an established protocol in case someone from the staff or a client experiences COVID-19 symptoms.